Michael Owen's new book sparks blazing Twitter row with Alan Shearer

3 September 2019, 14:27

Michael Owen's comments prompted outrage from Newcastle United fans
Michael Owen's comments prompted outrage from Newcastle United fans. Picture: PA

By Megan White

Michael Owen has prompted outrage from Newcastle United fans and club legend Alan Shearer after saying he “really regretted” moving to the football club in 2005.

In his new book Reboot, which is being serialised in the Mirror, the former England international said there was “no doubt in my mind that a move to the North East was a downward step.”

His remarks prompted a Twitter row with his former teammate, who also managed Owen at the Tyneside club.

Shearer shared a video clip in which Owen said “all I did at the end of my career, for six or seven years, I hated it - I couldn’t wait to retire,” adding: “Yes Michael, we thought that also, whilst on £120k a week.”

But Owen hit back, saying: “Not sure you are as loyal to Newcastle as you make out mate. “I distinctly remember you being inches away from signing for Liverpool after Sir Bobby Robson put you on the bench. You tried everything to get out.”

Owen later said: “My new book has made plenty of headlines this morning but they need to be put into context.

“I’ve stayed quiet for years whilst receiving plenty of criticism but there are two sides to every story. Once you’ve read the book you’ll make your own decision.”

Fellow former England international Gary Lineker also chipped in, tweeting: “There appears to be a bit of history here? I like you both so don’t want to pick sides.”

Newcastle paid £16.8 million to Real Madrid to sign Owen, who picked up a £120,000-a-week salary during his four years there.

Elsewhere in the book, Owen says Newcastle is “only a big club in the sense that it has a lot of fans and a big stadium.

“They’re historically not successful off the pitch, in fact quite the opposite mostly. And they’ve never really won much on it in recent times.”

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