Buy a Steve Allen Prosecco glass - and help raise money for Global's Make Some Noise!

29 October 2020, 22:00 | Updated: 13 November 2020, 09:42

This is the must-have Christmas present and New Years ‘Cheers’ for a 4am spiker – a limited edition ‘Cheers from the Groovy Gang’ Prosecco glass from LBC’s very own radio legend Steve Allen.

Visit the LBC charity shop to buy these fabulous glasses.

You’ve purchased the Steve Allen tea towels and tote bags in their thousands, raising huge amounts for Global's Make Some Noise - now, the man himself is back with a festive twist on his favourite tipple.

The Groovy Gang Prosecco glass reads 'Cheers from the Groovy Gang, Steve Allen, LBC' - a tribute from Steve to his loyal audience and team, who together make up the brilliant Groovy Gang.

What better way to raise a glass to Steve Allen this Christmas and New Year with this strictly limited edition Prosecco glass?

Buy a pair of limited edition ‘Cheers from the Groovy Gang’ Prosecco glasses
Buy a pair of limited edition ‘Cheers from the Groovy Gang’ Prosecco glasses. Picture: Global

What's more is this glass doesn't just work for Prosecco, it's perfect for any type of bubbles this festive season. (We've tested and it works perfectly for champagne too!)

You can buy one glass for for £15 + P&P or treat yourself for a set of two for £25 + P&P.

All money raised from sales of these special glasses will go to LBC’s charity Global’s Make Some Noise, helping and supporting communities who have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Be part of the Groovy Gang - buy your glasses here!