Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth Hits Out At Boris Johnson Over NHS Budget Promises

4 August 2019, 18:32 | Updated: 4 August 2019, 18:34

Jonathon Ashworth took aim at the Conservatives for their NHS promises, criticising Matt Hancock for "not doing his job properly".

Jonathan Ashworth hit out at Matt Hancock for failing to deliver on promises to provide the NHS with 'new beds, new equipment and new beds'.

Speaking to Andrew Castle, the Shadow Health Secretary said: "If we can get more money into the NHS, I welcome that.

"But I would just caution; in the last two years Ministers have announced 145 separate new schemes for new beds, new equipment and new buildings totally £2.5bn.

"And only £100m has been delivered, so that suggests to me the Health Secretary Matt Hancock is incompetent and isn't doing his job properly."

Mr Ashworth was also critical of Boris Johnson's NHS spending promise, saying the amount the Prime Minister was quoting was only 'five weeks worth' of the £350m a week promised at the time of the Brexit referendum.

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