The Conservatives are getting jumpy as a poll shows Labour on course for 'ginormous' majority, says Andrew Marr

7 June 2023, 18:23

Andrew Marr discusses the biggest stories of the day

By Will Taylor

New polling shows despite Rishi Sunak's efforts on the economy, Labour is still on course for a huge majority, and the Tories are getting jumpy, Andrew Marr reckons.

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Seat-by-seat polling carried out by Focaldata for Best for Britain, the pro-EU group, shows Labour could be on course for a majority of more than 140 seats at the next election.

Speaking on Wednesday's Tonight with Andrew Marr, Andrew said: "Rishi Sunak is bouncing around Washington, talking to American politicians and business leaders before his meeting with president Biden tomorrow.

"He wants Britain to be economically much closer, more intertwined, with the US.

"The shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves was their last week talking about something similar. She calls it securanomics. Sunak talks about interoperability.

"I'm not responsible for the horrible words these people are making up - but in a way they are both right; in a more dangerous and less secure world, and outside the EU, we do need to keep close to the US.

"Meanwhile, however, the real political story was bubbling away back home. There has been a huge new poll unveiled today, running across the new constituency boundaries, and it it suggests that Labour's heading for a ginormous 140 seat majority at the next election with the Tories getting just 129 MPs.

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"Despite everything Rishi Sunak has been doing, people across Westminster are now contemplating the likelihood of a massive victory for Keir Starmer.

"Now of course it's just polling and an awful lot can happen between now and the election.

"But at the same time, we got the latest forecast from the OECD, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, which confirmed that it's likely Britain will avoid a recession this year - good news for all of us - but also rammed home how difficult it is going to be to get inflation halved this year, one of Rishi Sunak's essential five targets before the election.

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"And in Washington today Mr Sunak said failure to hit that target would be "on me".

"Conservatives are getting jumpy."