'Absolutely pathetic': Andrew Pierce slams university trigger warnings on classic texts

9 January 2022, 20:17

Universities 'absolutely pathetic' for woke measures for students

By Tim Dodd

This was Andrew Pierce's unambiguous reaction to reports that university students have been given a 'trigger warning' for reading Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre and Charles Dickens's Great Expectations.

The warnings were given alongside a reading list for students on Salford University's BA English literature course.

"There are scenes and discussions of violence and sexual violence in several of the primary texts studied on this module. Some students may find the content of the following texts distressing", the university told undergraduates.

Andrew said: "What is going on with these universities? They're putting trigger warnings on classic literature, they're banning speakers because of their views on trans issues.

"What does this say about younger people?... But also, [aren't] the adults in the room overdramatising it? They're censoring literature, they're deciding that young people will be too offended by something that was written by Charles Dickens 160 years ago.

'They should grow up, wise up, and grow some!'

"It's absolutely pathetic," Andrew fumed.

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He continued: "Oh dear, the bit about suicide in Romeo and Juliet, I better warn you about that, it might offend you, it might upset you, it might trigger post-traumatic stress - it's ridiculous!

"The grown ups are behaving badly, and somehow the students should be fighting back."

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