Tearful Man Describes Abuse He Receives At Hands Of Wife

18 February 2017, 17:39

Ian Payne Spoke To A Tearful Caller

Here a tearful caller speaks to Ian Payne about the emotional abuse he receives at the hands of his wife during a discussion about domestic violence.

Ian Payne was speaking about Theresa May's vow to directly oversee work on a new law to tackle domestic violence on his LBC show this afternoon (Saturday) when this caller phoned.

The married man, known as Kev, tearfully described some of the emotional abuse he receives at the hands of his wife. 

He said: "I'm going through domestic violence at the moment."

He added: "It's not physical, it's more mental. It can be physical because even...this morning, I can't go home at the minute."

Kev continuously became emotional throughout the call. He said: "Excuse me. We had an argument from yesterday and this morning it's like a knife to the chest because she thought I threw a knife after her."

Ian then asked: "She put a knife to your chest?" and Kevin confirmed that is what had happened. 

Kevin went on: "The thing is though, she always makes it out to be my fault. It's like if I didn't do this, then it would be all like this, If I didn't do that, if I worked a little bit harder, it always comes out to be my fault. 

"That's what I am talking about, it's the mental side of it. I've just had enough of it now."

Ian said: "What are you going to do Kev?"

Kev responded: "I have no idea." 

The caller said he had never spoken to anybody before. He continued: "She's very clever. she can make out this to be, sort of a, as I say, my fault all the time."

Kev said added that from the outside people think they are arguing or pass off confrontation as a "tiff". He said: "But they don't see the undergrowth of it. 

"They don't see what I'm going to have to put up with later on."

If you are a man currently experiencing domestic violence, details of help available can be found here.