Matt Stadlen Reminds Former Trust Chairman "NHS Is Free" In Hospital Parking Row

29 December 2018, 15:28

Matt Stadlen reminded a former NHS Trust Chairman that the founding principle of the health service is supposed to be free at the point of delivery, during a row about hospital parking charges.

Roy Lilley rebutted Matt's argument by asking whether people should be reimbursed for their bus tickets.

But the LBC presenter said that it would be "unrealistic" to pay for public transport tickets because of the "administrative costs".

Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital carpark.
Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital carpark. Picture: Getty

"You're in an intellectual no-mans land," Mr Lilley told Matt.

"What you're saying is yes, people should be able to go to the hospital by car and park for free.

"There is no such thing as a free car par."

Matt said: "There is in Wales and Scotland."

But Mr Lilley replied: "That's such a stupid thing to say. The carparks are paid for by general taxation

"We either choose to pay for it out of general taxation, which means there is less money to pay for care, or we say that if you use the carpark you pay for it. Do you want to pay for when you use it, or do you want to pay in taxes and may never use it?"

Watch the exchange unfold in the video above.