Nigel Farage Responds To Reports That Tommy Robinson Could Join UKIP

10 September 2018, 19:37 | Updated: 23 October 2018, 15:15

The LBC presenter thought UKIP were "missing a trick" by concentrating on the rumours surrounding the former leader of the English Defence League, rather on securing Euro-sceptic voters from both Labour and the Conservative parties.

During his phone-in, Nigel commented on the "extraordinary" remarks by a former Brexit minister.

Steve Baker, who quit the government in July in protest at the prime minister's proposals, warned Downing Street that around 80 Tory MPs are prepared to vote down the Chequers plan in the House of Commons.

Mr Baker said Theresa May faces "a catastrophic split" in the Conservative party if she does not ditch her Chequers plan for leaving the EU.

With both major political parties divided, Nigel felt his former party UKIP, should be securing more voters.

But it seems UKIP are concentrating on a different issue entirely: potential party membership for Tommy Robinson - the former leader and co-founder of the English Defence League.

Nigel Farage
Nigel Farage. Picture: LBC

Nigel said: "On Brexit, the one party that should be benefitting hugely from this, should be UKIP.

"It should be picking up Tory voters and Labour voters.

"But instead, they are going to have a debate as to whether Tommy Robinson should be allowed to join UKIP.

"I think UKIP are missing a bit of a trick here. There are millions of very unhappy Euro-sceptic voters out there in both parties!"