Sangita Myska makes an impassioned plea to make vaping 'socially toxic'

20 May 2023, 16:34

Sangita Myska makes a plea to make vaping 'socially toxic'

By Ellen Morgan

Sangita Myska calls out vape manufacturers for "persuading" people that vaping has "no negative effects"/

Sangita warned that vaping is not “innocuous,” and pointed out they don’t make people look “cool,” instead emphasising their “potentially addictive” nature.

Vapes contain nicotine and affect smokers’ lungs, but these effects are not often as known as those of smoking regular cigarettes.

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She also reminded listeners that many vapes are manufactured by tobacco companies, who have seen their profits fall in recent years with fewer people smoking.

“They’re persuading people that they have no negative effects – and I’m sick of it.”

Sangita said she’s been hearing about rise in vaping from teachers and parents in her own life, and that a recent study showed that those as young as 11 were using vapes.

“It’s ludicrous,” she exclaimed. The same study showed more teenage girls are vaping than boys, with over 20% doing so regularly, which Sangita said was a “fascinating” finding.

“What is the attraction? Why are they doing it?” she asked. Sangita then mentioned the widespread smoking ban in public places was taken seriously, and said she was worried that vaping isn’t seen as “socially toxic” in the same way as regular cigarettes.

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