'The West is closer than it's been in decades': Nick Ferrari on the Russia-Ukraine war

29 June 2022, 19:10 | Updated: 29 June 2022, 19:16

Nick Ferrari reflects on impact of Ukraine-Russia war

By Maddie Wilson

Nick Ferrari reflected on the difference a year has made from a world focussed on the Covid pandemic to a world focussed on the Russia-Ukraine war.

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He spoke movingly on Global Player exclusive The Agenda about the conflict.

"A year ago it was sea shanties around the fire, clotted cream teas and a not so socially distanced barbecue on a Cornish beach," said Nick.

"The talk was of a billion vaccines to see off the last of the Covid pandemic and an end to coal-fulled power stations.

Fast forward to this week and it's been a very distant tone struck by the leaders of the free world at the G7 in Bavaria. That's what a war can do."

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He continued: "Suddenly it's bombs not jabs, and sanctions not coal, that dominate the future and fortunes of the West. As the G7 effectively folds into a NATO summit this week, an isolated and angry Vladimir Putin sanctions more deaths and destruction by resuming the bombing of Kyiv and sending missiles to massacre innocents in a shopping mall.

"Disturbingly, Russia and China grow closer as the conflict in Ukraine drags on.

"But it has also served to both test the West and bring leaders closer than they have been for decades, and that is surely a positive."

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