'There's nothing Putin won't do': Rosena Allin-Khan shares harrowing experience in Ukraine

29 June 2022, 19:29

Rosena Allin-Khan calls for united front against Russia in face of 'heartbreaking' Kyiv bombings

By Tim Dodd

Doctor and Labour MP Rosena Allin-Khan shares her shocking experience in Ukraine, branding it "heartbreaking" that the Kremlin renews its attacks on Kyiv.

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Dr Allin-Khan, who went to Ukraine to help with medical aid at the start of the war, tells LBC that "there's nothing Putin won't do."

Speaking on the Global Player exclusive The Agenda, she continued, "I am so upset by what's happening, and I think it's really important that the leaders are taking a united stance.

"I went to Ukraine at the start of the war... I trained 250 doctors in preparing for chemical weapons use, in doing mass casualty triage in very unexpected circumstances like shopping centres, and it was very clear then from my colleagues that they expected that hospitals would be fair game, shopping centres would be fair game.

"It's very, very heartbreaking to see that playing out now."

She detailed her time in Ukraine: "We took some resources to the frontline, we made sure that people had the tourniquets that they needed, things that they could use.

"But also in providing the training for people that were fearing the very worst.

"The most heartbreaking thing was rescuing a family and taking them over the border to Poland, who had been shot close range, point blank by Russian tanks.

"There were two cars with the family inside it, and they shot at children. Children and the elderly who had signs on the car saying there was a family inside.

"There is nothing that Putin won't do."

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