Alex Salmond's Powerful Response To Accusation Of "Spitting On Soldiers' Graves"

During the Alex Salmond LBC phone-in, one caller accused him of “spitting on soldiers’ graves”. His response was Alex Salmond at his best.

“It’s a gross act of treachery for you to now try and break up the UK. I consider you are metaphorically spitting on those graves of the brave Scottish soldiers that gave their lives for the UK.”

This was the severe judgement one caller made of Alex Salmond and his independence ambitions. The former leader of the SNP tackled this accusation head on and his response was very strong.

“My father has been a Scottish nationalist longer than I have been alive. He would find it offensive that you would question either his wish to fight against Nazism in the second world war, in the navy. And also the idea that SNP supporters were illegitimate at progressing our aims.”

The MP for Gordon also made the very good point that in over 100 years of the Scottish nationalist and independence movement, there had not been a single death attributed to it.

“It’s been pursued in a peaceful, civil, democratic fashion… and that’s a very, very rare thing indeed.”