Starmer brands claims he broke Commons rules over office use as 'complete nonsense'

15 November 2021, 10:07

Keir Starmer rejects allegations he broke Commons rules

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

Sir Keir Starmer said accusations that he had broken the rules by using his Commons office for Zoom calls with the public were "complete and utter nonsense".

The Labour leader was speaking on his regular monthly Call Keir show when he told Nick Ferrari: "We were going around the country virtually, because it was the middle of lockdown, and therefore I'm the leader of the opposition, I've got to get out and talk to businesses, talk to the public etc, and I'm not allowed to get out because of restrictions.

"So we did a virtual one, which was to do a Zoom call where members of the public could talk to me, businesses could talk to me, etc.

"It's exactly what the leader of the opposition should be doing. And that story is an absolute nonsense.

"The idea as leader of the opposition I can't talk to the public, I mean, only has to be said in one sentence to be seen to be ridiculous."