One of the incidents took place on Cazenove Road in Stamford Hill

Man charged over series of suspected anti-Semitic attacks in north London

21 days ago

A man has been arrested in connection with the assaults, according to the Met Police

Man, 28, arrested following spate of antisemitic attacks in north London

22 days ago

A peak in antisemitic incidents in London coincided with the escalation of conflict between Israel and Palestine in Gaza

Antisemitic incidents quadrupled in London after Gaza conflict broke out

1 month ago

The Met's former counter terror chief warned over extremists using the violence in the middle east to air anti-Semitic views

Middle East conflict "gives extremists an excuse for hate-filled anti-Semitic rhetoric"

4 months ago

The four men were arrested after reports of anti-Semitic abuse on May 16

Four men arrested over alleged anti-Semitic abuse released on bail

4 months ago

Shelagh Fogarty's powerful response to reports of anti-Semitic threats being shouted from cars

Shelagh Fogarty's powerful response to 'anti-Semitic abuse' in London

4 months ago

Footage on social media showed a convoy of cars covered with Palestinian flags passing down Finchley Road, in north London, with passengers heard to shout offensive language and threats against Jews.

Finchley Road incident: Sadiq Khan defends police response to 'anti-Semitic threats'

4 months ago

The caller was speaking to LBC after the incident at the weekend

'It's terrifying being a Jew living in North London at the moment,' caller tells LBC

4 months ago

Judge Rinder: Labour's failures on antisemitism 'deeply frightening'

Judge Rinder: Rise of antisemitism is 'deeply frightening'

8 months ago

Children's author Roald Dahl, pictured in 1971, died at the age of 74 in 1990.

Jewish groups welcome apology for Roald Dahl’s anti-semitism

9 months ago