Coronavirus mythbusting: Correcting fake news about covid-19

5 March 2020, 07:24 | Updated: 7 June 2023, 08:56

LBC has asked experts to correct the myths about coronavirus as covid-19 spreads across the UK.

Despite the government's information campaign about the killer virus, there are a large number of misconceptions about it.

Among the questions about coronavirus we answer are:

- Will facemasks keep me safe from coronavirus?

- Does anti-bacterial hand sanitiser stop coronavirus? 

- Should we cancel all flights to and from the UK? 

- Should we stop shaking hands in the UK? 

- Will an epidemic happen in the UK? 

- Is coronavirus going to kill us all?

- Are the coronavirus symptoms the same as the common cold? 

- If coronavirus is like the flu, why are we all so worried? 

- Will we have an anti-coronavirus vaccine by next month?