Former Corrie star says he lost home, work and belongings after sharing anti-vax views

27 January 2022, 16:00 | Updated: 7 June 2023, 08:56

Sean Ward has been outspoken online about his views on vaccines
Sean Ward has been outspoken online about his views on vaccines. Picture: Alamy

By Daisy Stephens

A soap opera actor said he has been left unemployed and lost his house and all his belongings after spending two years sharing anti-vaccine views online.

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Sean Ward, best known for playing Callum Logan in Coronation Street in 2014, wrote a long series of posts on Instagram sharing how his life has changed since he began sharing his views.

"So 2 years ago after a long deliberation I decided I could no longer stay quiet," wrote the 33-year-old.

"However, no one really knows how much this has effected (sic) me and I want to try and explain just a little of the things I've gone through.

"Firstly, the work dried up. NO ONE would hire me.

"Whether in front of or behind the camera, all my usual ways of making money just stopped, eventually I couldn't afford my rent."

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He explained how he lost his four-bedroom house and moved onto a friend's couch.

All his furniture and belongings went into storage with a company he then claimed sold it all when he was unable to pay the fees.

"My whole life was in that storage unit," he wrote.

"I lost it all."

Mr Ward (right) taking part in an anti-vaccine and anti-restriction demonstration in August 2021
Mr Ward (right) taking part in an anti-vaccine and anti-restriction demonstration in August 2021. Picture: Alamy

He said he "couldn't ask anyone for help" because he knew it was his choice to air his views, and added he managed to get his mattress out in time.

He said he has been sleeping on it in a friend's spare room for more than a year, but has disputed claims he is homeless, writing on Twitter a short while later: "To clarify I'm not homeless. Let's not diminish what real issues people face and have to live with on our streets."

He added: "I live with my mate in a lovely gaf albeit with no bed frame."

'If you want to balance the risk of having Covid against having a vaccine, then you are fools.'

The actor, who has also starred in the BBC series Our Girl, went on to say his car was repossessed a few months later.

He then detailed the impact on his health, saying his teeth and beard fell out due to the stress.

"So no car. No belongings. No hope," he wrote.

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"Then the stress mounted so much my teeth began to fall out... then my beard began to fall out.

"I lost so much weight, I was mentally drained."

But he claimed it was "worth it" if he "saved one life".

Mr Ward has been outspoken about his opposition to vaccines for years, but his posts have become much more frequent in recent months.

Among other things, he tells his 178,000 Instagram followers that Covid vaccines are "experimental" and cause "adverse reactions", and claims Covid is not as lethal as people are led to believe.

He shares messages from fans that agree with him.

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Four in five eligible people in the UK have had their Covid booster jabs.

Data from the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) shows the booster is 92 per cent effective at preventing hospitalisation from the Omicron variant of coronavirus, from two weeks after the jab is given.

The DHSC is encouraging people to come forward and get their Covid vaccines if they have not already done so.