Coronavirus: Travel advice for going abroad on holiday

9 March 2020, 11:55 | Updated: 7 June 2023, 08:56

Should you go on holiday to Europe? Should you cancel your trips? And will your travel insurance protect you? All the advice you need as coronavirus is confirmed in Italy, Tenerife and Spain.

Coronavirus now has confirmed cases in many European hotspots including Italy, who have implemented travel bans, Spain and Tenerife, so what should you do if you’re going on holiday there? And is it advised that you cancel your trip?

At the moment, there are only certain areas of China where travel has been advised against and now also places in Northern Italy including Milan. The British government aren’t officially recommending that you cancel your trips abroad to any other destinations just yet.

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But does your travel insurance protect you for coronavirus-infected countries? And should we avoid booking holidays? Here’s everything you need to know when travelling abroad for holidays and trips during the outbreak:

Italy and Spain are still reporting new cases of coronavirus
Italy and Spain are still reporting new cases of coronavirus. Picture: PA

Is it safe to travel in Europe with the coronavirus?

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office website is regularly updating with all the travel advice you need for individual countries in regards to the coronavirus.

When there is a great deal of concern for a country, it will warn you against traveling where you will then be able to make new travel plans with your travel company.

It's recommended you follow all precautions to prevent the spread of coronavirus as detailed by the NHS and Public Health England.

Should I cancel my trip to Europe because of the coronavirus?

At the moment, for many places in Europe, this isn’t necessary. Travel companies are required to follow all of the FCO guidelines so if a country becomes unsafe to travel to, your travel agent will help you.

If your package holiday is booked with an ABTA-affiliated company and your destination becomes an official place to avoid travelling to, then your travel company should get in touch to discuss your options which can including a refund.

If you choose not to travel but the FCO haven’t advised against it, it’s unlikely you will be able to get a refund or compensation.

Tenerife hotel in lockdown over coronavirus fears
A Tenerife hotel went into lockdown over coronavirus fears. Picture: PA

Will my holiday insurance cover me for coronavirus?

This is based on what type of insurance policy you have so it is currently advised that you purchase a policy that specifically covers you for cases like coronavirus.