Coronavirus: Doctor separates fact from fiction

26 February 2020, 19:34 | Updated: 27 February 2020, 07:03

Following the burst of Coronavirus myths, this doctor cleared up misconceptions on treatments, A&E waiting times and the NHS not being able to cope.

As Coronavirus is spreading across Europe, so are panics and myths amongst the public.

Sarah, who is a GP, told Eddie Mair, "It is important to make it clear that if anyone is suspected to suffer from Coronavirus they are recommended to absolutely not go to A&E or to go to their GP. We are talking about a virus and a virus is something a cold or flu and there is no treatment for it per se we manage it in a very conservative way.

"In this case it would be quarantining to try and protect other people from catching it. There is not going to be any shortage of medicines because it is not something that you can treat with antibiotics."

The British public has also expressed concerns on how the NHS will cope.

"The thing that is important to remember is that most of the people that get the virus will recover without any treatment. We are talking about a small proportion of people that have got underlying illnesses that means that their body isn't able to fight the virus as well as a healthy individual would be able to.

"And it's only this small proportion of patients that would need any kind of input from hospitals."