'Eddie, where do I start?': Caller lists grievances with Gavin Williamson

8 September 2021, 18:06

By Tim Dodd

This is the moment an LBC listener called in to give a list of grievances he has with Education Secretary Gavin Williamson.

It comes as Gavin Williamson has said he made a "genuine mistake" after he confused Marcus Rashford for black rugby player Maro Itoje on Zoom.

Dave in Telford told Eddie Mair: "Eddie, where do I start?

"You asked before what's Gavin Williamson's high point, and I think he's yet to reach a low point.

"From the opening or closing of schools...in January where we were open in the morning and we were closed that night, and all the way through the day he was telling us that schools would remain open and schools aren't points of transmission.

"We've had the laptop fiasco where my schools, for example, required several laptops...[and] only two schools received one each."

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He also said: "The current ventilation - we were issued C02 monitors. What's that about?"

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Dave's list also included issues with exams and return to school information being delivered "late at night".

Dave concluded: "This man has out-Grayling'd Chris Grayling and makes him look like the most competent minister ever. He's absolutely appalling and I cannot believe this government have stood behind him for so long.

"Rant over."