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Eddie Mair: The Best Clips From His Show

Jack Straw on Jeremy Corbyn's ability to keep Britain safe

Jack Straw's Damning Take On National Security Under A Corbyn Government

Jack Straw

Britain Obliged To Let Runaway Isis Brits Back, Jack Straw Says

Lib Dem leader Sir Vince Cable found himself agreeing with Nigel Farage

Lib Dem Leader Vince Cable Finds Himself Agreeing With Nigel Farage

Chris Grayling finally responded to Eddie Mair's no-deal Brexit question

Chris Grayling FINALLY Responds To Eddie Mair’s No-Deal Brexit Question

Andrea Jenkyns accused the retailers of "more fear-mongering"

Tory MP Dismisses Food Retailers’ No-Deal Brexit Warning As “Fear-Mongering”

A united Ireland is "inevitable" if Britain leaves the EU without a deal

Sinn Fein’s Brexit Spokesman Says No Deal Makes A United Ireland "Inevitable"

Delaying Brexit is a price worth paying to stop a no-deal Brexit, a shadow minister has told LBC.

“Delaying Brexit Is Price Worth Paying To Stop No Deal” - Shadow Minister

A Remainer phoned LBC to take issue with the word "Brexiteer"

Stop Using The Word “Brexiteer” To Describe Leave Voters, Remainer Urges

Brexit vote prediction

Former Theresa May Adviser Makes Brexit Vote Prediction

Alok Sharma received an Eddie Mair grilling over Universal Credit

Eddie Mair Warns Universal Credit Minister: “Answer My Question Or I’ll Move On!”

Luciana Berger wouldn't say whether a Corbyn-led government would be good for Britain

Labour MP Refuses To Say Whether Corbyn Would Be Good For Britain

Lord Heseltine Says PM Should Resign If She Loses Brexit Vote

Lord Heseltine Says PM Should Resign Immediately If She Loses Brexit Vote

Eddie Mair asked Peter Bone whether he'd bet on Brexit day happening

Will Peter Bone MP Bet On Brexit Happening On March 29th 2019?

Eddie Mair has now introduced the "Chris Grayling  Jar of Truth"

Eddie Mair Introduces The “Chris Grayling Jar Of Truth”

Sir Vince Cable spoke to LBC listeners on Friday

Caller Vents At Vince Cable Over Pro-Second Referendum Stance

Eddie Mair spoke to Siri instead of Chris Grayling

Eddie Mair Speaks To iPhone's Siri Instead Of Chris Grayling