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Eddie Mair: The Best Clips From His Show

Eddie Mair was speaking to a former senior EU official

Former EU Official: Brexit Date Of 31st October Is "Not The End Of The Story"

Lord Darling was the Secretary of State for Transport

Former Transport Secretary Says HS2 Should Focus On The North

Tory MP Daniel Kawczynski was the first Polish born MP in Parliament

Tory MP Tells LBC He's Not An Expert On EU, But Luckily An Expert Is On The Line

The parents of Jack Letts were speaking to LBC

Parents Of 'Jihadi Jack' Say He Found Out He Lost His Citizenship From A News Crew

Eddie Mair was speaking to a former Downing Street advisor

Theresa May's Former Adviser Tells LBC "There's Often Not A Grand Plan"

Ed Davey MP spoke to Eddie Mair

Ed Davey: Jeremy Corbyn "Won't Command A Majority" In The Commons

Stephen Gethins is the SNP Brexit spokesman

SNP MP Stephen Gethins Says A Fightback Against No-Deal Brexit Is Underway

Eddie Mair was speaking to Tory MP Stephen Hammond

Tory MP Urges Remainers To Write Directly To The PM Over No-Deal

Eddie Mair was speaking to a former UK Government trade negotiator

Former Government Trade Negotiator Dismisses John Boltons Brexit Trade Comments As "Warm Words"

This caller painted a worrying picture of nationalism in Scotland

The Saltire Is "Paraded Through The Streets Like Hitler Used To" Scottish Caller Tells LBC

Bob Neill chairs the Justice Select Committee and is the Conservative MP for Bromley and Chislehurst

Justice Select Committee Chair Says We Need Evidence Not Knee Jerk Reactions

Eddie Mair spoke to a caller on Jobseekers Allowance

Caller Tells Eddie Mair She's Happy To Stay On Jobseekers Allowance Until Retirement

Eddie Mair was speaking to David Howarth who is Professor of Law and Public Policy at the University of Cambridge.

Cambridge Professor Tells LBC The Queen Could Fire Boris Johnson

Eddie Mair was speaking to Lib Dem MP Layla Moran

Lib Dem MP Tells LBC "Something Is Rotten At The Heart Of Our Democracy"

This airline pilot tells Eddie he voted to leave in the 2016 Brexit referendum but now he wished he hadn't.

Pilot Who Voted Leave Tells LBC He Regrets His Decision Now

Eddie Mair in the LBC studio

Eddie Mair Grills Brexit Party Chairman On No-Deal As Tory Peer Argues It Was Never Debated