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Eddie Mair: The Best Clips From His Show

The Tory MP was speaking to LBC's Eddie Mair

Nicky Morgan Tells Poll Has Caused "Concern And Alarm" Among Tory MPs

Eddie Mair was discussing Loneliness Awareness Week.

Living In A Big City Makes It Harder To Make Connections

Rory Stewart wouldn't answer Eddie Mair's question

Rory Stewart Refuses To Answer Question On Boris That He Himself Asked

Eddir Mair on LBC

Eddie Mair Takes This Boris Johnson Supporting MP To Task

Jonathan has some interesting tax ideas

1722 Committee: Jonathan - Replace Income Tax And Experts Get Double Votes

Eddie Mair read out Boris Johnson's own words.

Boris Johnson's Past Comments On Unelected Leaders Are A Different Story To What He Said On Wednesday

Gayle wants to revolutionise schools

1722 Committee: Gayle - Improving Schools And Limiting Air Miles

The Union Jack mixed with the EU flag

1722 Committee: James - Fulfil Brexit And Introduce Proportional Representation

Nick wants to legalise - and tax - drugs

1722 Committee: Nick - Legalise Drugs And Bring Back Nazanin

Glenn wants to fix the NHS

1722 Committee: Glenn - Fixing The NHS And The Housing Crisis

Adam wants a focus on the environment

1722 Committee: Adam - Save The Environment And Make Social Media Safe

David is a leaver who is backing a second referendum

1722 Committee: David - Second Referendum And Increasing Minimum Wage

Chris Grayling announces HS2

1722 Committee: Adriana - HS2 And Sacking Under-Performing Ministers

The beachfront at Clacton-on-sea

1722 Committee: Ian - Help Decaying Coastal Towns And Scrap HS2

MIrojem wants to replace the House of Lords

1722 Committee: Nirojan - Lords And Healthcare Reform

The Liberal Democrat MP was speaking to LBC following EU election results.

Ed Davey: The Public Have "Seen Through" Jeremy Corbyn On Brexit