'I don't know what we stand for anymore as a party,' Labour member tells LBC

9 September 2021, 19:59

By Sam Sholli

This is the moment a Labour member told LBC he doesn't know what the party stands for anymore.

Robin in Whitehaven, who is a Labour member, made the remark while speaking to LBC's Eddie Mair.

Asked by Eddie who he voted for in the Labour Party's most recent leadership election, Robin replied: "Well, after a lot of thought, I voted for Rebecca Long-Bailey."

He also stated that he gave "Keir Starmer the benefit of the doubt when he was elected leader" and has "supported him throughout".

However, Robin also said: "For me, I don't know what direction the Labour Party is going in.

"I don't know what we stand for anymore as a party. I struggle with that. I really do struggle with that."