Former British ambassador calls for end to 'silly threats to cut off electricity'

6 May 2021, 16:35

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

Former British Ambassador to France Lord Ricketts has called for an end to "silly threats" to cut of the electricity to the island of Jersey.

The statement comes amid rising tensions between the European Union country and the self-governing Crown dependency.

Royal Navy ships are patrolling the waters around Jersey amid an ongoing row between the island and France over post-Brexit fishing rights.

Dozens of French fishing vessels descended on Jersey on Thursday morning in what was said to have resembled an "invasion", before retreating after talks were held to ease tensions.

But former National Security Adviser Lord Ricketts said the Government of Jersey and the French fishermen should come to a "diplomatic solution."

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He pointed out the lack of an issue between Gurnsey and French fishermen as he called for calm.

He branded the scenes off the coast of the island as a "classic day of French protest."

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An estimated 60 boats approached the port of St Helier before dawn, with some reportedly having set out from France as early as 3am.

But he said the situation could only be resolved by "proper dialogue."