It's unfair to criticise people under lockdown for booking holidays, says caller

11 February 2021, 18:05

By Sam Sholli

It's unfair to judge people negatively for booking holidays while under lockdown, a caller has told LBC.

Holidays are banned under the UK's Covid-19 lockdown, but the travel industry is desperate for rules to be relaxed in time for the vital summer season.

Matt in Croydon defended those who have recently booked holidays after Health Secretary Matt Hancock told LBC he "hopes" he can still go on his 2021 summer holiday to Cornwall that he booked months ago.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday Boris Johnson and Transport Secretary Grant Shapps both warned that it was still too soon to start booking holidays for this summer due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Matt, who himself has booked a holiday in Italy for June, told LBC's Eddie Mair he thinks "it's a bit unfair" to suggest people shouldn't be booking holidays while lockdown restrictions are in place.

He said: "I think it's a bit unfair because I think the bigger picture of this whole pandemic has basically shown that everyone's lives are in a different place right now."

Matt added: "I think as the whole pandemic has actually hit everyone, I think it has brought people closer together.

"And I think we don't need that negativity of people having a say on [whether] people should be booking holidays.

"I think we should be able to go and do what we want..."