Couple Recount Terrifying Moment Attackers Burst Into Restaurant And Stabbed Diners

4 June 2017, 15:25 | Updated: 4 June 2017, 16:09

This couple told LBC about their terrifying ordeal, where attackers burst into the restaurant they were in and stabbed diners.

Marco and Billur Paini told LBC's Vincent McAviney about the terrifying scenes they witnessed after attackers burst into the restaurant they were eating in. 

The couple were out for dinner at Elliot's restaurant in Borough Market last night when the terrorists attacked London Bridge, before moving onto the nearby market. 

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Billur, who has lived in London with her husband for 12 years, told LBC's Senior Reporter: "There were two people, they just came into the restaurant, people were shouting, like 'knife, knife'.

"Then, I don't know how, but we were all like down underneath the tables and chairs, and they were shouting, throwing bottles."

Vincent asked: "This was people in the restaurant, they were shouting and throwing bottles?"

Billur answered: "No, this is the two guys...they had the belt on him, which seemed like an explosive, so we really didn't know what was going on."

Marco said: "Nobody could move. The customers, nobody could react. We were all too scared. Nobody reacted in the restaurant. We were just in the corner."

He want on: "It was very fast. The level of panic in among the customers was...nobody was reacting."

Billur added: "They stabbed people. One lady and a, I think it was a customer. He was on the floor and he wasn't moving much. The lady was cut from the throat, she was conscious, a lot of blood, and suddenly they out and they guys locked the doors, from the restaurant. 

"Then we heard some gunshots and the and then they shout, we went to the kitchen, in the basement."

 The couple went onto recount the harrowing details of what they saw. WARNING: Distressing content.