Everyone Should Listen To What This 10-Year-Old Muslim Says

29 May 2017, 12:18 | Updated: 29 May 2017, 12:22

This 10-year-old Muslim boy summed up his religion's relationship with the Manchester terror attack better than most grown-ups.

John, a 10-year-old from Manchester, told LBC that the bomber, Salman Abedi doesn't represent other Muslims.

He was speaking as he attended a vigil to remember the 22 victims of the Manchester Arena Terror attack last week.

When asked about a rise in hate crime since the attack, John said: "Salman Abedi I believe was a Shia. Just because he does it, doesn't mean the whole Shia community is bad.

"One person does not represent 10million other people."

Watch his remarkably mature opinion above.