VE Day: "My brother served with Captain Tom Moore in Burma"

8 May 2020, 12:47

By Adrian Sherling

This is the remarkable call from an LBC listener whose brother served in the British Army under war hero Captain Tom Moore.

The Captain, now an honorary colonel, became the UK's best-loved war veteran as he raised close to £40million for the NHS walking up and down his driveway.

As the UK comes together - albeit socially-distanced - to commemorate VE Day, Tom Swarbrick received a call from Patricia, who told listeners what it that day 75 years ago was like.

But it was her revelation that her brother had served under Captain Tom that LBC listeners really loved.

She said: "My family were in Guernsey. I was in London, I went through the Blitz. One brother was with Captain Tom in Burma.

"So we weren't all celebrating VE Day at the same time because not everybody was around.

"VE Day, I was 18 and in London. I really enjoyed all that was going on. But we have to remember that no everybody was released at that time.

"It was exciting. Everywhere, people were celebrating."

Tom Swarbrick heard from someone who served with Colonel Tom Moore
Tom Swarbrick heard from someone who served with Colonel Tom Moore. Picture: LBC / PA

Speaking about the now Colonel Tom Moore, Patricia said: "I'm thrilled to bits. I'm so pleased.

"Unfortunately, my brother who served with him died 10 years ago, but I have watched all the birthday cards that have gone to Captain Tom and I'm so glad he's now a Colonel."