'He won, get over it': Rachel Johnson blasts PM's 'almost deranged' critics on The Agenda

9 June 2022, 17:21 | Updated: 17 June 2022, 11:55

Rachel Johnson blasts people calling Boris Johnson 'the most terrible things'.

By Daisy Stephens

Rachel Johnson has slammed critics of the Prime Minister, branding them "almost deranged" in the first episode of LBC's The Agenda.

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Speaking to Nick Ferrari, Rachel said the Partygate scandal was about "personality not policy".

"It's become so personal and I've been trying to work out why it is, and I think I've got my own answer," she said.

"It's because so much of this is about personality not policy.

"And when it's about somebody's personality things get incredibly personal, and you get decent men becoming almost deranged-sounding and calling the Prime Minister the most terrible things... I give you Rory Stewart, who said that my brother was a terrible human being in some interview, and you sort of sit back and you think 'what has happened?'."

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She hit out at people who feel "rejected" by the leader of the party, and now see Mr Johnson as "the bad boyfriend".

"What you have is people who feel rejected, or sacked, or under-promoted, by the leader," she said.

"There's something kind of bunny boiler-ish about what's going on.

"There's a sort of rejection factor. He's the bad boyfriend.

"They don't want to think about him but they can't stop thinking about him because he's there and he's running the show, and they simply can't take it anymore."

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Rachel added people needed to "get over" the Partygate fallout because Mr Johnson had "won".

"He won the leadership contest in 2019, he won a big majority in 2019, and now more Tory MPs in his book have voted for him than any other Prime Minister," she said.

"So it's case closed, he won, get over it."