Never mind the muzzles - authorities must track down and cull every XL bully dog

2 January 2024, 08:19

Never mind the muzzle - let’s cull XL bully dogs, writes Johnny Jenkins
Never mind the muzzle - let’s cull XL bully dogs, writes Johnny Jenkins. Picture: Alamy/LBC
Johnny Jenkins

By Johnny Jenkins

The government says it’s working to ban XL bully dogs in England and Wales, but the current plans don’t go far enough - we need to cull these killers.

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As 2023 drew to a close, devastated owners took to the airwaves to complain about their pup being forced to wear a muzzle.

Hundreds of dogs have been abandoned by their owners, who are struggling to source the insurance required to apply for the government’s new exemption certificate.

There’s a reason it’s hard to insure this breed - it’s because XL bully dogs are born to kill. They aren’t household pets, they’re creatures waiting to attack.

Kind and loyal dogs are a part of millions of families in this country. But with over 200 different breeds in the UK, I will never understand why anybody would want to own an XL bully when you could adopt a greyhound or a cuddly retriever.

Wouldn’t you rather Sammy the spaniel than Buster the bully?

Campaigners say it’s the owner and not the breed, but this rise in fatal attacks isn’t a coincidence. 16 deaths by dog bites were registered in 2023, rising from six the year before and an average of three deaths annually before that.

It’s time to stop these figures rising. As this year progresses, we will see more bullies being paraded around the park on a muzzle and lead. But a muzzle isn’t enough - I’m not convinced these dogs deserve to live at all.

A breed which is known for its murderous tendencies of both adults and children doesn’t belong in Britain. For the sake of victims including Jack Lis, the ten-year-old boy killed by an XL bully in South Wales, we must be tougher on dangerous dogs.

Families will be distraught, understandably, but the authorities must track down and cull every XL bully dog. Owners who don’t cooperate need to feel the full force of the law.

It pains me to come to this conclusion, but it’s time to meet evil with evil. Killer dogs need to be culled, for the safety of us all.