Best of 2022: Iain Dale brands this caller a 'natural born idiot' for criticising Boris Johnson's visit to Volodymyr Zelenskyy

31 December 2022, 09:00

Iain Dale brands caller 'natural born idiot'

By Grace Parsons

Iain Dale brands this caller a 'natural born idiot' after the caller labels Boris Johnson as a 'coward' following his visit to Ukraine back in April.

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After Boris Johnson was invited by President Zelenskyy to Ukraine back in April, this caller labelled the former Prime Minister a "coward" and "natural born liar" after he claims "he went there unannounced".

Iain corrected the caller saying: "He didn't just turn up, he was invited by President Zelenskyy because he considers Britain their main supportive ally in this war."

After the caller compared Boris Johnson's visit to Ukraine to the Chancellor of Austria's visit to Moscow, Iain pointed out: "There's no fighting in Moscow, that didn't take any bravery at all."

Iain further hit back: "You're a natural born idiot frankly...I am on the side of Boris Johnson going into Ukraine because unfortunately you will see all the good in any foreign leader who does anything but you can't see any good in your own Prime Minister regardless of what he does."

The caller exclaimed: "He is the most corrupt Prime Minister the UK ever had and you know it!"

"You are typical of the armchair troll who thinks that he knows best about what a Prime Minister should do and when a PM expresses support for an ally...I think maybe you ought to think a little bit more deeply about these things rather than react with absolute bile," Iain concluded.

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