Andrew Clashes With Guest Over EU Border Control

24 December 2016, 08:47 | Updated: 24 December 2016, 09:29

Andrew Clashes With Guest Over Border Control

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown joined Andrew Castle in the studio to discuss the day's headlines, but the pair soon clashed when the topic of border control came up.

Nigel Farage's comments that the Berlin attack proves EU's open borders are dangerous for the continent have hit the headlines.

Andrew invited columnist and broadcaster Yasmin Alibhai-Brown to discuss the top news stories from today’s papers, but when Farage’s comments came up, the pair clashed.

Yasmin was quick to dismiss Farage, telling Andrew she did not want to give him any air time.

She added: “July bombers were all born here, remember that…it’s not a threat you can stop by closing off borders.”

Yasmin went on: “Accuracy is important. This guy was not part of the million that Merkel admitted, he’s been away from Tunisia for five years.”

Andrew hit back: “You want the facts? Let me just put them out there. He left Italy for Germany. He was violent when he was in prison for four years in Italy and he comes out.

“The first thing that should happen is that he should go back to where he came from because we, as the European public, do not deserve to have people like that in our midst.”

He then continued to recite some of the events leading up to the attack to Yasmin, before adding: “This is a disgrace.”

The conversation then took a heated turn when Yasmin said: “Sorry Andrew, can I just say one thing? This is not the first time international criminals in Europe of every description have crossed borders. We have to keep our heads.

“Germany should have deported him – where would they have deported him to?”

Andrew quickly responded: “Home.”

The conversation soon turned to whether the UK could be in the same position as Germany in the future.

Andrew said: “I’m asking would we find ourselves in this position because our humanity, because of our liberalism and our understanding, and because of our democracy?

He went on: “A country’s primary responsibility is to look after its own citizens and a bloke like that gets to hang about and do this? I just cannot accept than this is anything other than a huge failure.”

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