Anna Soubry Describes Shocking Death Threat She Received

23 March 2019, 10:57 | Updated: 23 March 2019, 11:28

The MP for Broxtowe has seen her family targeted after she has repeatedly spoken out against Brexit.

Anna Soubry has been an outspoken advocate for a People's Vote referendum on Theresa May's EU withdrawal deal.

Speaking to LBC presenter Andrew Castle, Ms Soubry spoke of how she felt she could not go to her home this weekend as a result.

She said: "We got a really serious death threat sent to our home.

"My partner got a card and it was one of those 'in deepest sympathy, rest in peace' cards.

"Inside it said 'now that you're partner is dead'.

"It said, 'we're coming for you', which was presumably to him, 'we know where you live and we're on your doorstep'."