Former British Ambassador To Syria Says Airstrikes Are Always A Difficult Decision

14 April 2018, 16:26

A former British ambassador to Syria said there was a deliberate attempt to create uncertainty about when action was going to take place, but it was no surprise that action was taken.

Basil Eastwood told Andrew Castle that launching airstrikes is "always going to be a difficult decision" but that Theresa May "did the right thing".

"She was extremely careful in her statement, making it clear that this was limited and targeted and was not aiming at regime change.

"It was intended to make it quite lear that there was a price to be pad for the use of chemical weapons.

"The one thing to be reasonably happy about is that the next place of fighting is going to be in the North West.

"Yes there will be mass casualties, but after this I doubt if they will use chemical weapons again."