Black Cab Driver And Andrew Castle Get In A Heated Debate About Uber

25 November 2017, 08:13 | Updated: 25 November 2017, 10:19

After the revelations that Uber concealed a data breach Andrew Castle and a black cab driver got arguing about the pros and cons of Uber and the gig economy.

After singing the praises of Uber, black cab driver Mark rang up to tell Andrew that he was "encouraging" Uber and needed to stop.

Mark told Andrew that just because Uber prices were cheap now didn't mean they always will be. "They get rid of any fair competition and then they will put up the price to extreme amounts".

The London cabby also told Andrew that he was "sitting there saying it's a great business model" but stated that "the profits they make don't stay in this country."

Andrew said that the only issue at hand was the fact that black cab drivers were too expensive.

The two go into a heated debate about congestion on London's road and its causes.