Shadow Transport Secretary: Chris Grayling Will Bankrupt Britain

2 March 2019, 08:13 | Updated: 2 March 2019, 08:15

The Shadow Transport Secretary says Chris Grayling is costing taxpayers a fortune and will bankrupt the nation if he isn't sacked.

Andy McDonald has repeated calls for the Transport Secretary to resign over a number of department mishaps he has overseen.

After it was revealed £33m in taxpayers' money was paid out to Eurotunnel to drop legal action against the "secretive" process used around the controversial no-deal ferry contracts.

Speaking to Andrew Castle, the Labour MP said: "It seems every day that something comes out where Chris Grayling is costing taxpayers a fortune.

"And this is just one of a long litany of errors.

"The country can not afford this man, he will bankrupt the nation if he carries on in this way.

"And for the Prime Minister to say she has confidence in him, what does that say about her judgement and about her government if she can not get rid of somebody who is performing so badly and making so many errors, what sort of state of we in?

"He should have gone a long time ago?"