Andrew Castle clashes with trans activist over 'unfair advantages' in golf

21 August 2022, 15:39

Andrew Castle's excruciating interview with trans activist

By Tim Dodd

Andrew Castle challenged activist Felix Fern in an interview that moved from trans participation in golf to the suggestion golf courses "ruin local ecosystems" and take up land that could be used for house-building.

The two debated the case of Scottish golfer Hailey Davidson, who is set to become the first transgender woman to earn a Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) tour card after beating many of her rivals in the first two qualifying rounds.

Felix Fern is co-founder of Trans Activism UK, a grassroots transgender, non-binary and gender diverse rights group in the UK.

Andrew asked Mr Fern: "Does she have an unfair advantage because she was born male?"

"Why would she have an unfair advantage?", he replied.

"Respiratory strength, lung capacity, muscle mass," Andrew replied.

Mr Fern asked Andrew whether he was aware of the effects of hormone replacement therapy.

"It makes you weaker physically, muscularly, and in a respiratory way," he replied.

Mr Fern: "Yes, you've just attempted to give the reasons as to why she might have an advantage, and then explained why she doesn't have an advantage. I think that sums it up quite well!"

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Mr Fern later claimed golf courses take up a "horrific amount" of natural land, "ruining local ecosystems" and occupying space that could be used to build houses.

"What are you talking about?" Andrew replied.

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