Ex-Offender Tells Of The "Pressure" To Convert To Islam In Prisons

25 March 2017, 10:38 | Updated: 25 March 2017, 11:57

Don, who was in prison for armed robbery, told Andrew Castle he pretended to convert to Islam as a way to protect himself.

Don said that he was brought up as a Christian, but was approached as a newcomer to the prison about converting to Islam.

The ex-offender, who has now "turned his life around", told Andrew Castle it was about survival, because he knew that if he converted he would be protected. 

Don said: "I was in prison five years ago for armed robbery, which I am not proud of...my first time I went there I was approached to covert as a Muslim.

"A lot of new prisoners go in there and you get approached all the time."

Andrew asked: "How is the approach made, Don?"

Don said: "As soon as you go in there. Sometimes you're put in a cell with a convert already, or in the exercise yard they'll approach you, ask 'do you want to come to the Mosque, do you want to come to prayers?'.

"They're very nice to you, they'll talk to you in a polite manner, to try and convert you. You feel pressured because...you're outnumbered basically."

He went on: "If you don't, you feel unprotected...you're forced to join."