Harry 'The Dog' Findlay: Sports Betting Is Very Misleading

21 April 2018, 18:30

The professional gambler tells Andrew Castle sports betting is very misleading, as Canadian gambling company Stars Group agrees to acquire Sky Bet.

Gambling company Stars Group and Sky Betting And Gaming have been in negotiations for a deal worth approximately £2.6bn.

It had been expected that private equity firm CVC would list Sky Bet publicly later this year, but the acquisition by Stars Group creates the world's largest publicly-listed online gaming firm.

Professional gambler Harry 'The Dog' Findlay told Andrew Castle he thought the "figures involved are so big now".

He noted that it was difficult for young players to understand what they were doing, saying: "When you start gambling as a youngster its very hard to find a school where you can learn.

"If you're playing Poker or Blackjack, it's easy to get books and revise, and get the exact odds for what the hands are.

"Then it just becomes a game of psychology.

"But with sports betting and punting it's very misleading."