Theresa May Is Prime Minister 'In Name Only', Lord Heseltine Says

24 March 2019, 16:54

The former Tory deputy Prime Minister said that nobody in the party is expressing a view favourable of Theresa May amid conflicting ideas on how to resolve the Brexit impasse.

Amid speculation that the Prime Minister is fighting off a Cabinet coup, Lord Heseltine said Theresa May is now only in her position 'in name only'.

Mrs May has fallen under pressure to set a date for her departure from Number 10 in an effort to gain support for her Brexit deal in Parliament.

But speaking to Andrew Castle, the former Tory deputy Prime Minister said: "I think she's gone in all but name.

"Just look at the newspapers, they reflect a party in which everybody is expressing a view and virtually nobody's expressing a view in favour of the Prime Minister.

"The other thing that sticks out of the papers is that nobody's got the first idea of what's going to happen.

"There are various suggestions, proposals, outcomes, outlines, but today at this time you don't know and no-one can know how this is going to be resolved."