Ian Duncan Smith: No Reason To Hold A Second Referendum

16 September 2018, 09:01

Ian Duncan Smith says he believes there is no desire for a second Brexit vote.

The Tory MP said the last EU referendum was "an experience enough" that nobody would want to go through again.

Speaking to Andrew Castle on LBC, he said: "I think [a second vote] would lead to huge anger amongst many in the public who feel like they're being betrayed.

"That they were asked a question, and because the answer they gave wasn't satisfactory, that is not a reason to hold a referendum."

Ian Duncan Smith
Ian Duncan Smith. Picture: PA

His comments come as London Mayor Sadiq Khan calls for another Brexit vote, saying that the British public should get a "fresh say on our future".

Mr Khan said the referendum should offer voters the choice of staying in the EU against any deal the government manages to strike - or against a "no-deal" Brexit if an agreement cannot not reached.