John Redwood Dismisses Leaked No-Brexit Report As "Project Fear On Steroids"

18 August 2019, 08:56

John Redwood hit out at the leaked no-deal Brexit assessment, labelling it "Project Fear on steroids".

The report on Operation Yellowhammer in the Sunday Times suggests if the UK leaves the EU without a deal, we should be facing shortages of food, fuel and medicine, as well as a hard border in Northern Ireland.

But speaking to Andrew Castle, the Conservative MP dismissed those claims one-by-one.

He said: "It's Project Fear on steroids, with the added lie that we won't be able to import any steroids for Project Fear to thrive on."

Andrew Castle spoke to John Redwood about the leaked report
Andrew Castle spoke to John Redwood about the leaked report. Picture: PA / LBC

Andrew queried how these leaks can even happen and Mr Redwood insisted: "Just because it comes from a Cabinet Office doesn't mean we have to believe them. They are the same old scares now hyped up that we've rejected endlessly.

"These people need to understand how a modern trading system works under World Trade Organisation rules and they need to understand how our current trading system works."

Mr Redwood pointed out that the chiefs in the port of Calais insist everything will run smoothly and we run the Port of Dover, so would have no reason to change the way we run that.

That means he insists there should be no additional concerns over the availability of items such as fuel and drugs.