Moped Clampdown Video Great For Police Recruitment

24 November 2018, 08:45

Andrew Castle celebrates the 'amazing' dash-cam footage of police ramming moped muggers off their bikes, as official figures show a decline in offenses committed.

Dramatic dash-cam footage shows police ramming moped muggers off their bikes, leaving them sprawling across the bonnet.

It’s part of Scotland Yard’s new “tactical contact” strategy where specially trained drivers deliberately crash into a moped, even if the rider isn’t wearing a helmet.

As a result of this and other tactics being deployed, there has now been a 36 per cent drop in moped crime in the last year.

During its peak, some criminals stole up to 30 phones in an hour with victims often targeted outside Tube stations.

Handbags, watches and other items were also often snatched.

Between January and October 2017 there were 19,455 moped crime offences recorded across London, according to official figures.

In the same period this year there have been 12,419 offences - a reduction of 36 per cent.