Andrew Castle Explains Focus On Notting Hill Knife Crackdown Over Royal Ascot Drugs

25 August 2019, 07:54 | Updated: 25 August 2019, 07:59

Andrew Castle explains why there is a bigger focus on tackling knives at Notting Hill Carnival than drug crackdowns at other festivals like Glastonbury or Royal Ascot.

Andrew Castle outlines why the threat from knife crime at the Notting Hill Carnival has more focus from the media over drug crackdowns at Royal Ascot.

"Why does the media obsess about crime statistics with [Notting Hill] but they don't with Glastonbury, and somebody suggested Royal Ascot," he said.

"Here's the reason: Posh people doing coke in toilets and coming out and talking too much is not quite the same sense of threat as what goes on at Notting Hill."

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