Andrew Marr: With protests rocking China and migrants crossing the Channel, can the UK be a leader in an insecure world?

28 November 2022, 18:09

Andrew Marr asks where Britain's future lies in an insecure world
Andrew Marr asks where Britain's future lies in an insecure world. Picture: LBC

By Kit Heren

Andrew Marr has asked if the UK can play a leading role in a world marked by insecurity, with China descending into protest and migrants crossing the Channel in record numbers.

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Opening Tonight with Andrew Marr, the LBC presenter pointed to the Chinese demonstrations and the increasing numbers of people seeking sanctuary on British shores.

"As extremely brave young Chinese protest against the government’s severe covid lockdown measures right across China and as we here continue to argue about the migrants coming across the English Channel from Europe and the Middle East, is it possible for Britain to find a more secure and admired role in this insecure world?," Andrew asked.

Protesters in China on Monday
Protesters in China on Monday. Picture: Getty

"Today I've been talking to Britain's former Foreign Secretary, Labour’s David Miliband. He tells me Britain should drop the Boosterism and align to European standards in order to get access to the EU markets, adding that he hopes for some kind of association agreement with the EU. 

Can Britain find a secure and admired role asks Andrew Marr

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Andrew added: "Senior figures in the party believe Mr Miliband, now running an organisation for international refugees from New York, will return to British politics at or before the next general election. As you’ll hear, he doesn't want to talk about that but isn’t ruling it out.

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"Later we will hear from another senior voice in the foreign policy world, the former national Security advisor to Donald Trump, Ambassador John Bolton, who will be joining me in the studio to talk about, among other things, the eruption of protest in Communist China."