David Davis says Boris Johnson should 'go back to the beach' as former PM 'eyes leadership bid'

20 October 2022, 18:53 | Updated: 20 October 2022, 19:34

David Davis said Boris Johnson would not be 'qualified' to tackle the problems the UK faces
David Davis said Boris Johnson would not be 'qualified' to tackle the problems the UK faces. Picture: LBC / Alamy

By StephenRigley

Conservative MP David Davis has said that holidaying ex-PM Boris Johnson should "go back to the beach" amid reports he's considering running for the Tory leadership.

Liz Truss announced her resignation today, after her mini budget plunged the markets into turmoil, crashed the pound and brought loud calls from both side of the house for her to be removed.

Various names have emerged as likely successors, including the former Prime Minister who resigned in September after a series of scandals.

Senior Tory David Davis was among those calling for Johnson to resign toward the end of his tenure, famously entreating him, 'In the name of God, go.'

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Appearing on Tonight with Andrew Marr, Mr Davis said that Mr Johnson 'not qualified' to tackle the problems the UK faces.

Asked by Andrew if his message would be for him to keep out of the race, he said: "I’d say, go back to the beach, frankly. Look, the sorts of problems we have to solve.

"We've got really big technical economic problems to solve. He's not qualified for that.

"We've got really big follow-on problems after COVID on health care. That's not really his is area anyway, you know. He's a great exponent of other people's work, and that's not going to be feasible.

"The Prime Minister we get now is going to be front and centre, with the public, with the markets, with the unions, you know, all those things, difficult technical problems", adding: "That's not Boris's area of skill."