'It's scandal after scandal in Westminster - where else has problems like this?'

18 May 2022, 18:20 | Updated: 19 May 2022, 08:49

Andrew Marr: 'What is it about Westminster and sexual transgression?'

By Will Taylor

"Scandal after scandal" is Andrew Marr's summary of the stories coming out of Westminster in recent months.

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Accusations of misconduct, an MP watching porn in the House of Commons chamber and now a Conservative member getting arrested on suspicion of rape have all emerged from the heart of government and Parliament.

Opening Wednesday's show, Andrew said: "Scandal after scandal after scandal. What is it about Westminster and sexual transgression?

"I don't know of anywhere else in Britain that has a problem at this scale.

"Later I'll be hearing the frankly shocking analysis of a former MP who crashed and burned about what's wrong with the place.

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"But inside it today almost all the talk was about the economy: With inflation hitting 9%, the highest level for 40 years, and unemployment lower than at any time since 1974, there was an almost nostalgic feel about some of the arguments.

"I'll be talking to a man who was there at the time and remembers the challenges of rocketing inflation very well - the jazz loving, cigar-chomping and no doubt very cheerful Nottingham Forest fan, the former Chancellor Ken Clarke.

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"Before all that will turn to to the hard choices that must be made to help people unable to pay food and energy bills.

"Labour wants a one-off windfall tax on the big energy companies and many Tory MPs are beginning to lean that way as well.

"Later tonight the Chancellor Rishi Sunak will promise tax cuts in the autumn - but for business, it seems, not individuals. I'll be talking to the attorney general Suella Braverman and to a former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith about all that."