Tonight with Andrew Marr 03/05 | Watch Again

3 May 2023, 19:59

Tonight with Andrew Marr 03/05 | Watch Again

By Grace Parsons

You can watch Wednesday's Tonight with Andrew Marr in full again here.

Andrew Marr was joined by:

  • Chris Bryant - Labour MP for Rhondda and author of 'Entitled: A Critical History of the British Aristocracy'
  • Simon Heffer - Columnist for the Sunday Telegraph and Professor of Modern British History at the University of Buckingham
  • Olga Tokariuk - Ukrainian journalist and resident fellow at the Oxford Reuters Institute who researches disinformation
  • Ulrike Franke - Senior Fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations and expert in Drone Politics
  • Bill Blain - Strategist at Shard Capital and author of Morning Porridge
  • Ben Kentish - LBC Westminster EditorTECH: Millbank
  • Dr Mhairi Aitken - Ethics Research Fellow at The Alan Turing InstituteTECH: ZOOM VIDEO
  • Michael Jamin - Sitcom writer of Beavis & Butthead and showrunner of King of the Hill who is striking with the WGA

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