Tonight with Andrew Marr 29/03 | Watch Again

29 March 2023, 19:40

Tonight with Andrew Marr 29/03 | Watch Again

By Grace Parsons

You can watch Wednesday's Tonight with Andrew Marr again in full here.

Andrew Marr was joined by:

  • Michael Osborne - Professor of Machine learning at the university of Oxford and Co founder of Mind Foundry, a spin out from the University that builds AI for high stakes applications.
  • Dr Jess Whittlestone - Head of AI Policy at the Centre for Long-Term Resilience
  • Iain Macwhirter - Scottish political journalist and commentator, and author of "Disunited Kingdom"
  • Greg Clark - Chair of the Commons Science and Technology Select Committee and Conservative MP
  • Adrian Ramsay - Co-leader of the Green Party
  • Marco Lemmers - CEO and Founder of 'Conscious Hotels' which consists of 4 hotels, 2 restaurants and 2 cafes in Amsterdam
  • Dr Mansoor Ahmed-Rengers - Cambridge University Scientist and Founder of Frankli' a technology which helps to prove which pictures are faked.
  • Dr James Nightingale - Observational Cosmologist and Royal Society Short Industry Fellow at Durham University who lead the team that made this discovery.

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