Tonight with Andrew Marr 30/03 | Watch again

30 March 2023, 21:09

Tonight With Andrew Marr 30th March

Madeleine Wilson

By Madeleine Wilson

You can watch Thursday's Tonight with Andrew Marr in full here.

Andrew Marr was joined by:

  • Jens Stoltenberg - NATO Secretary General.
  • Andrew Neil - Broadcaster, Chairman of the Spectator and Former Editor of the Sunday Times (1983-94).
  • Steve Reed - Shadow Justice Secretary and Labour MP for Croydon South.
  • Gillian Tett - Chair of the Financial Times Editorial Board and author of 'Anthro-Vision: How Anthropology Can Explain Business and Life'.
  • Daniel Robinson - Former Elite RAF Fighter Pilot and Founder of 'Red 6', a technology firm using augmented reality to train fighter pilots.
  • Tony Diver - Acting Political Editor at the Sunday Telegraph.
  • Harry Cole - Political Edtior of The Sun.
  • Ash Sarkar - Contributing Editor to Novara Media.

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