Tonight with Andrew Marr 05/06 | Watch again

5 June 2024, 21:12

Watch Again: Tonight with Andrew Marr 5.6.24

By Georgina Greer

You can watch Wednesday's Tonight with Andrew Marr in full here.

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Andrew Marr was joined by:

  • David Davis - Conservative former Brexit Secretary
  • Tom Baldwin - Journalist, former Senior Advisor to the Labour Party and author of 'Keir Starmer: The Biography'
  • Helen Miller - Deputy Director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies
  • David M. Satterfield - US Special Envoy for Humanitarian Issue in Gaza until last month, now Senior Advisor to the State Department and Director of Rice University's James Baker Institute for Policy
  • Tom Kerridge - Chef and Restaurateur
  • Alan Zycinski - LBC Scotland Correspondent
  • Dan Barton - Artist who made handmade silhouettes of almost 1,500 servicemen which are being transported to Normandy for an art installation to mark the 80th anniversary of D-Day
  • Professor Lucy Noakes - President-Elect of the Royal Historical Society and Professor of Modern History at the University of Essex

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