Tonight with Andrew Marr | Watch Again 18/01

18 January 2024, 19:27

Tonight with Andrew Marr | 18/01 Watch Again

By Ava Warriner

You can watch Thursday's Tonight with Andrew Marr in full here.

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Andrew Marr was joined by:

  • Dr Madeleine Sumption - Director of the Migration Observatory at the University of Oxford
  • Tim Marshall - Foreign Affairs Analyst and author of 'The Future of Geography'
  • Natasha Clark - LBC's Political Editor
  • Baroness Tina Stowell - Former Leader of the Conservative Party in the House of Lords
  • Gina Davidson - LBC's Scotland Political Editor
  • Brian Deer - Investigative Journalist and Author of 'The Doctor who Fooled the World: Andrew Wakefield's War on Vaccines'
  • Kaswar Klasra - Editor-in-chief, The Islamabad Telegraph, in Pakistan
  • Polly Toynbee - Guardian Columnist
  • Katy Balls - Deputy Political Editor of The Spectator

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